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Debt & Deficits

CBO: The Role of Automatic Stabilizers in Deficits

Yesterday, CBO released a report on the effect of automatic stab

How Interest Rates Could Affect Deficits and Debt

Interest rates have an enormous effect on how much we pay each year on servicing our debt.

CRFB Analysis of CBO’s January 2011 Baseline

CBO now projects the 2011 deficit to reach a record-breaking $1.5 trillion, and increased its deficit projections over the 2011-2020 period by

Stern Releases Plan to Lower the Budget Deficit...and the "Investment Deficit"

Today, Andy Stern, a member of the Fiscal Commission, released the

Translating Dr. Summers’ Econospeak: Are Budget Deficits Good or Bad?

Larry Summers gave a very interesting and thoughtful talk in Washington recently (May 24).

CBO's Analysis of the President's FY2011 Budget

In its Analysis of the President's Budget, CBO estimates that the FY 2011 budget proposals would cause public debt levels to rise to 90 percent of

The 90 percent Debt-to-GDP Threshold and CBO’s New Debt Estimates

On March 5, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) gave us a preview of its take on the President’s budget proposals for Fiscal Year 2011 (sta

Does the President's Budget Increase the Deficit or Reduce It? (The Answer Depends on Your Baseline)

According to Obama Administraton, the President's FY2011 reduces the ten-year deficit by $2.1 trillion; or $1.2 trillion if the savings from the I